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Sonya trains at two convenient locations, both gyms include state of the art equipment, without a monthly membership fee.

The goal is to train and motivate you through a fitness program that is right for you.

Workouts are private, individualized and customized to your goals.  You choose a 30 minute or 60 minute session. Workouts are both fun but challenging. Enjoy personal attention and uninterrupted training time as you go from exercise to exercise. Workouts are diverse and varied and change from session to session, incorporating different training modalities.  As we train, we discuss your week ahead and indentify limiting factors and discuss goals that are easy to follow and result in a successful week.

Eating right is essential for weight loss and long term health.  As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Sonya can customize a plan for you to lose weight, add muscle and become a healthier you.  Your plan is based on foods you like and are willing to incorporate in your diet so you can change your eating for permanent success.  Diet really is 85% of the battle with weight loss.  Clients wishing to do personal training can sign up for a personalized diet plan which can be done both online or in person.

Lose weight! Get fit! Start eating right! Your personalized fitness training program gives you everything you need to succeed.

To get in touch with me, just click 'contact me' and send me a message or text me at 4806785578 

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Sonya Riske